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So, I Just Had Sex With A Robot Vagina..
03-19-2013, 10:59 AM
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So, I Just Had Sex With A Robot Vagina..
I first read about RealTouch in December 2012 while shopping for a Fleshlight, and didn't give it more than a passing glance. I went back to it a little while later, and started giving it more consideration until I gave in to the teenager inside of me and bought one online.

A Little Background:
I'm a 36 year-old Canadian guy with what some call "male model" looks. However, I'm partially deaf and missing one ear, socially inept and completely useless at finding a girlfriend other than saying "I find you incredibly sexy, and if you don't slap me in the face in a moment, I'd like to take you home for sex. Your place, my brother gets pissy when I bring women home." I do have a current girlfriend, whom I love very much but am completely not attracted to. She can have sex with girls , but I am not allowed because of pregnancy and disease. Yes, I'm pathetic.

The box was completely inconspicuous and apparently hermetically sealed, with absolutely no indication of its contents or how to open it. They used brown paper tape which is exactly the same colour as the cardboard, ya see. After getting the puzzle box open, I was greeted with a well-packaged unit, all power and data cords, the Free Video and Male Enhancement DVDs, and the Amateur and Teen Vol. 1 DVDs which I didn't even know I deserved! Cool Smile

Setup was a breeze, with the cables easy to connect. After installing the drivers and making sure the plugin was enabled in Windows Media Player and the RT Platform Agent was running, I turned on the power and let warm-up mode do its thing.

Using the RealTouch:
First things first: I'm not circumcised. The first time I used the device, it really just felt like it was vibrating, nothing more, but I use vibes, so it felt good but I was disappointed with the device's performance. The second time I used the device, I pulled my scrotum out and thus my foreskin was pulled tighter too. OMFG WOW. Now I was feeling everything! I went for a full 14 minutes before climaxing, and WHAT a CLIMAX! I think I may need a nap.

Now that I'm more refreshed, here's my final thoughts:

1. My device is pretty quiet, all things considered. Yes, it does sound a bit like an old inkjet printer, but more subdued. I don't think you could hear it operating through a regular wall, I couldn't.

2. The build quality is lacking; while the device feels sturdy enough, the outer shell doesn't fit together very well to the main unit, and it's a little leaky; but I didn't end up with a lap full of lube as others have reported. Honestly, I think AEBN needs to use a 3D printer to make new, accurate shell and body moulds. Also, the edges on the orifice shell are sharp, but it's not an issue when the device is assembled.

3. The videos I have tried include 1 RealTouch free content (horrible), 1 RealTouch from the Teen DVD (better), and one that I encoded from a script on (good, but out of sync). I have yet to try the interactive experience, but I will review that as soon as it happens.

4. Some videos can be too intense for me (but I'm sensitive), and turning down the intensity makes some movements a little less fluid, or not work at all. The free Get Hard 1 video, for example, would not work at intensities less than 70%.

5. I sincerely hope that water-based lubes can be used with this device; it seems that I'm allergic to something in RealTouch's hybrid formula, and it makes my skin burn a bit.

Except for the burning lube issue, I'm very happy with the RealTouch so far, especially the fact that it lets me have sex with girls that aren't my girlfriend, without cheating on her!
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05-24-2013, 04:41 PM
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RE: So, I Just Had Sex With A Robot Vagina..
Woww, Iagree this device is amazing..feels soo good, and makes me cumm so much..OMG...I put a vidoe on, some are more active then others, but this thing sucks, fucks and pleases like no other better then cumming in a womens mouth, and this thing when you cum.. during a hott wett oral scene it drains you good..OMG...getting hardd thinking about it, this machine is Fantatsic, Im a realtouch fan and user for life...
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