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An Update from RealTouch Team
02-17-2009, 08:03 AM
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RE: An Update from RealTouch Team
come on guys lets not fight it all depends on how good it feels to have the real touch on yer cock and if you think it yer favorite porn star fucking you its priceless!!!!
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03-07-2009, 08:14 PM
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RE: An Update from RealTouch Team
(02-11-2009 08:57 AM)strat2222 Wrote:  The sad thing is they could charge whatever they wanted, since it is the only way for the product to work properly Sad

This exact line of thought is why I'm registering and posting.

No, they most emphatically CAN NOT charge whatever they want.

If they decide to price gouge, it will just add fuel to the fire of aspiring teledildonic hardware hackers that are already planning to reverse engineer it to work without videos, or AEBN software.

I'm looking forward to this release as a great reason to learn the USB interface.

Some of us are /extremely/ turned off by having to purchase INDIVIDUAL minutes, just like calling a 900 line, cell minutes, or paying a prostitute. Prostitution on Craigslist was just on NPR. Its more common then you'd think, and it IS the realtouch's direct competition at a $150 price point + subscription fee.

Maybe the video rates will be super cheap. Maybe it will be ultra high quality. Maybe they'll have an unlimited plan. Maybe they'll let you buy videos. Maybe Maybe Maybe.

Anyway, until the device works without a per minute fee, many, including myself will consider this to be the DRM trap of the teledildonics industry, in need of a good hack to set it free like DVDs or iPhones.

Look for, and expect such a hack shortly after release. Sure it won't be as good as the videos. But all you really need is one good blowjob script to run the device.

... and this is what they fear.

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03-08-2009, 02:16 AM
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RE: An Update from RealTouch Team
Cheese Wiz has a good point. But I still think these guys will make money hand over fist at least for a while. This is the first affordable high quality haptic device for erotica.

However. It won't be long before people will want a haptic device that has more versatility. Maybe they want to code some erotica for themselves. Maybe they want to use the device with a long distance lover via the internet. Maybe webcam hosts will want to use it to enhance their recorded shows or even to use live.

And people will be willing to pay for all this. I think it would be a miscalculation for RealTouch to see themselves as primarily in the VOD business after launch. They have a head start in "the next big thing." They should begin developing other products that make the RealTouch versatile. After launch, they are really in the business of providing end user haptic devices. And they need to ensure that their device is the one people want.

Otherwise, they run the risk of becoming the Apple Computer of teledildonic history. Early to market with a superior product, but ultimately losing out to a clunkier one because it was more versatile. Just like with computers, teledildonics will be all about versatility. Ultimately, they will have to open this technology up.
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03-08-2009, 08:00 AM
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RE: An Update from RealTouch Team
maybe Apple sould put one in all their computers a real touch port (cock port)
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03-08-2009, 12:48 PM
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RE: An Update from RealTouch Team
Very interesting discussion.

I have to chime in in agreement with cheese_wiz's point, and I'm looking forward to seeing what third-parties come up with, and I think AEBN has to be cautious in regards to their pricing plan. While true that I think people will *try* it at any price point they set, they will not *continue* to buy minutes if they think they're being gouged.

That said, I do think with the *right* price point, a lot of people, including me, will be happy to buy minutes, but it all comes down to if we feel like we're getting *value* for money. Similar to music, software, movies, or anything else, I think a lot of users actually prefer to pay for a quality product and support the artists/authors/developers as long as they don't feel like they're being gouged unfairly. Services like iTunes and even AEBN make lots of money each year with this model. Sure I know I can likely find a song I really love on a P2P network and download it illegally for free, but I'd much rather pay 99 cents and download the song over iTunes - it's faster, often better quality, supports the artist, and is reasonably priced. AND, most importantly, once I download it, I actually own the rights to it - I can burn it to CD, put it on an MP3 player, whaterver I wish... Alternatively, I have yet to buy a *movie* on iTunes even though I've been tempted because last I checked, you CAN'T burn the movie to DVD, and for me, that makes just picking up the DVD if I want it much more appealing - the price for movies on iTunes with all the limitations just isn't worth it to me.

Now, VOD is a bit different in that you don't own the rights to the movies obviously, can't burn them, etc. But there are ways around this, and VOD can still be a good value for money. As I mentioned previously in other threads, I use AEBN's VOD service at the moment myself as I actually find it porn-wise one of the better values I've found on the web. The main selling point for me was a low price point (using packages where you buy blocks of time up front, you can get it down to around 7 cents a minute) as well as an absolutely massive selection (gay, straight, hentai, and most fetishes you can think of). To me, it makes a lot more sense than say, buying an actual porn video (most of the time), or subscribing to a site whre you pay a moderately high monthly fee for a very limited selection. The package price for me makes it affordable enough that I can buy once and have several months worth of enjoyment the way I use it, and there's enough selection I know I'll never really get bored. Now, if AEBN were to significantly raise their prices or stop offering packages (in which case prices rise closer to 26 cents a minute or so), I can pretty much assure you that I would not purchase again from them, so price *does matter*.

So to sum up what I'd like to see AEBN do with this device (just my opinions, but this would pretty much assure repeat business by me anyways if the device is good):

1.) They need to set a fairly reasonable starting price point. As I mentioned before, I personally think 99 cents per minute is too high for them to expect sustained repeat business (ie, in my opinion, people will try it at that price but won't keep buying over and over). $99.00 for an hour and forty minutes just (in addition to the initial purchase price of the device) is just not that good a value (to most people I'd assume) and as cheez_whiz mentioned, you can probably almost hire a prostitute for that. It is better than some phone sex lines, etc., but I think they'd actually maximize their profit at a lower price point than this, as I just don't think (especially in the current US econonmy) people are going to pay this high a per-minute rate. (I've thought a lot about this, and I think if this were my business, I'd start at 75 cents a minute if buying INDIVIDUAL minutes...but this would get much better with a package [see #2]).

2.) Whatever price point they set, they need to offer pre-paid packages that reward you for buying more time. AEBN's current VOD model does this, and the rewards are quite worth it, bringing the price down a lot and giving real incentive to buy more time instead of less. (Again, if it were my business, I think I'd bring price down to 25 cents a minute with the biggest package, but make the max package $100 or so. But for that $100, you'd get over 6 and a half hours, which for me would last at least a few months, maybe a little less as the device may take longer to get you off than your hands would ^.^.)

3.) I'd like to see them offer download-to-own encoded movies that are reasonably priced (though they could charge substantially more than the VOD theater for these simply because they're reusable forever). I know if some of my favorites were encoded with my favorite porn stars, I'd definitely consider buying them to own and use with the device, and I could use them whenever I wanted. (If they didn't want to offer the actual downloadable movie due to piracy concerns, they could "unlock" the movie in your account so you could always watch it even if you were out of theater time). I'm thinking maybe they could charge $39.95 or so for these.

Obviously these prices are ones I've come up on the fly (basically tripling AEBN's current VOD-only prices), but its an illustration of a system that I think is fair and would garner repeat business. I can honestly say I'd give this price model repeat large-package business even if there were some viable third-party options out there (even though in all honesty I'm sure I'll play with those as well to some degree).

And I do very much like the ideas mergatroid has...of releasing other applications for the device such as webcam controls, etc.

Just brainstorming out loud here...
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03-10-2009, 10:49 PM
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RE: An Update from RealTouch Team
All of these are good ideas, but personally, I just don't like being on the clock during porn time. I'm really not going to have as much fun if I'm worrying about using up too many minutes even if I still have plenty to spare. I realize that the minute-by-minute deal works for a lot of people, but I think there should be an option for people that want to pay by the month. They could even set the price rather high, say $50-75 a month. I'm not likely to use 3 1/3 - 5 hours a month, but I'd pay the premium to be able to relax without worrying about running out of minutes and having to buy more.
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03-11-2009, 01:02 AM
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RE: An Update from RealTouch Team
This is a good discussion guys and I work with AEBN closely I can sympathize with both points of view. They are not arrogant enough to think that there won't be a hacker out there whose life purpose is to steal code and work around security measures. However I think it's just a gamble you take in today's world.

The other issue is that with it synced to videos it makes it better. So while someone might be able to rip a "script" so to speak, it will be useless for a lot of people because they prefer seeing the action in sync with the device. Think of an IPOD, some people actually prefer the IPOD because they can BUY content on Itunes. Even though you can go through the trouble of finding it for free it's just easier to buy it. There are perks for both but it's just personal preference.

As for the price. It would be silly for AEBN to think they could just set a price point with out taking into effect the economy. I personally know that the price is not high in relation to webcam stuff and is actually lower then webcam. There is discission of packages, but the main focus is just releasing the product. There will be a lot of fine tuning by the time this gets released. So if your price drops at the price points, I would take it with a grain of salt. It will more then likely lower.

Another thing people don't take into account is that AEBN has contracts with studios. There is so much backend stuff that goes on in this industry that no one sees. The studios don't have too much to lose or gain in this venture. They are fine right now letting AEBN use content, but you had better believe if this product got as popular as fleshlight studios would be playing hardball and would probably force AEBN to set a high price. Not saying that will happen but it's just kind of natural in business.
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03-11-2009, 08:14 PM
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RE: An Update from RealTouch Team
i just hope that AEBN codes some previews on their website a lil tease to get the kettle boiling so you can edge with the real time for hours then buy time for the final popshot!!!
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